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Champion has a full line of Formaldehyde based Arterial, Cavity and Accessory Embalming Fluids which contain Entrone for achieving penetration to the point of complete saturation and AD-P for control of formaldehyde action to obtain better diffusion and improvement of cosmetic effect.


Champion's line of Reduced Exposure Arterials and Cavities has advanced buffers, modifiers and control agents to further enhance the embalming action. This results in improved penetration, distribution and firming action with as much as 80 percent reduction in exposure to formaldehyde. Accessory chemicals include a Chemical Water Conditioner and pH Activator, an accessory (co-injection) chemical for increased fluid action and sanitation, and a Non-Lanolin Hydrated Cellulose Polymer Humectant.


Millenium New Era was specifically created as a superior preservative and more powerful embalming agent than Champion has ever formulated during our long history. The sanitizing power of these new complex formulations has been increased exponentially through the use of potentiation and multi-synergistic chemical interactions. The resultant combination of complex multi-dialdehydes and polyhydroxylated aromatics make Millenium New Era products the fastest, most penetrating and most broad-spectrum embalming agents ever created. The result being more effective and consistent embalming with better overall deep tissue saturation for maximum preservation.


Champion specializes in advanced products for difficult cases. Products for edema (link to #641), decomp, emaciation and the need of an extreme degree of preservation and sanitation. A chemical water conditioner and pH activator and sophisticated buffer co-factor provide enhanced embalming action. A near-anhydrous carrier fluid (link to #656) provides the first truly "waterless" embalming opportunity,


ENIGMA ecobalming chemicals are a safe, effective, non toxic, non hazardous alternative to traditional toxic/formaldehyde embalming chemicals. Based on a complex mix of essential plant-based oils in a near-anhydrous carrier, ENIGMA chemicals deliver significant chemostasis effects with good cosmetic/restorative results, excellent temporary sanitation and acceptable temporary preservation. The full line of ENIGMA products are the only preparation products certified by the Green Burial Council.


Dye Concentrate Cosmetic Factor is in a highly concentrated dye for use in any arterial fluid. Penetrating chemicals allow a more uniform and even distribution of the dye throughout the tissues – resulting in a more natural lifelike appearance and cosmetic effect. Coloro #1 is the basic reddish/brown dye in Champion's line of Traditional Arterial Fluids. Coloro #2 is the pinkish/peach of PLX, PK, and FAX

Tantone is designed especially for use with Champion TNX Arterial Fluid and contains coloring ingredients that range from brilliant scarlet to brown so that a ruddy or suntan effect is produced.


Includes traditional wood or plaster of paris and paraformaldehyde compounds, a unique multi-based formaldehyde free autopsy and viscera compound as well as a formaldehyde free embalming powder and gel.


A full range of low, medium and high level disinfectants and cold chemical sterilants as well as soaps for every need around the funeral home and in particular the preparation room.


Superior Nitrile and latex gloves and personal safety clothing for the preparation room for the use in the handling/treatment of remains as well as Infectious waste bags and sharps-tainers. T.B. approved, high-efficiency filtration HEPA masks for use in infectious cases and exposure to airborne particulates. Vapor Monitors that meet OSHA requirements for measuring formaldehyde/glutaraldehyde concentrations for both the 8 hour TWA and 15 minute STEL.


Quality plastics including unionalls, stockings, coveralls, capri pants, sleeves pants and shirt jackets come in small, medium, large and extra large and some larger sizes upon request and are available in dispenser box or individually. Disposable and heavy duty pouches as well as disposable stretcher sheets and viscera bags are available.


Products for bleaching, preserving, cauterizing, drying, absorbing, restoring, filling and sealing for lips, eyelids, facial features, incisions, calvariums autopsies, areas of necrosis, bed sores, bruised and discolored areas, cuts, wounds and cancer lesions, gangrenous tissues and edematous areas. Also available is a full line of oils, creams, moisturizers, tints, solvents and fillers for all your restorative needs.


A full line of oil, water and alcohol free Aloe Vera based cosmetics including foundations, base cream, camouflage creams and powders and natural lip colors.


Sponges, brushes and spatula are available for application of cosmetics.


Everything needed for the preparation room: eye caps, injector needles and gun, trocar buttons and applicator, multi closures, A/V closures, calvarium clamps, natural expression formers, dental simulators and extremities positioner.


Pure cotton, highly absorbent non-woven cotton prep towels and flax, waxed linen, waxed polyester and Lock Stitch threads in a variety of cord and sizes.


A variety of instruments including scalpels and scissors for every need and the Adjusto Block.


A variety of instruments including aneurism needles, grooved director, bone separator, angular and arterial spring forceps, arterial hemostats.


Stainless steel 3/8" circle suture and post mortem double curved needles in several sizes. Disposable syringes with a variety of Luer-lok and slip end hypodermic needles available in various lengths and gauges.


Curved and stub arterial, carotid and midget injecting tubes in both threaded and slip in style.


Straight line, infant, autopsy and hypo-valve trocars and points in various lengths and diameters as well as nasal and postmortem tubes and cavity fluid injectors and tubing holders. Tubing available for injecting and aspirating in amber gum and clear plastic.


The Hydro-Aspirator and a variety of Edwards Duotronic and Porti-Boy Embalming Machines are available.


We provide the full line of Ferno Mortuary products including Mortuary Cots, First Call Covers and Pouches, Hydraulic, Folding and Combination Operating Tables, Folding Dressing Tables and Church and Showroom Trucks.