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Preparation Supplies



Pure cotton, white, highly absorbent for general use in the Preparation Room. Packed in one pound rolls. Individually or 25 rolls per case.


An indispensable, disposable, highly absorbent non-woven cotton towel for preparation room use. Lint-free, it tears in even widths for bandages and adheres to itself in wrapping. Excellent for dusting caskets. Individually or 8 rolls per case. Dispenser also available.


Autopsy Suture and Artery Tie

Pure flax sinew thread with silk finish, grey, 6 cord.

  • 43-01202-0000 1 lb. spool

Waxed Artery Tie

Quality linen thread with fine wax coating, recommended for postmortem stitching, available in two sizes.

  • 43-07787-0000 8 oz. spool (425 yards)
  • 43-07788-0000 1 lb. spool (850 yards)

Waxed Polyester

Quality grade polyester waxed thread, strong and resistant to chemicals and moisture. Natural color, 3 cord.

  • 43-14803-0000 1 lb. spool

Lock Stitch

Lock Stitch thread (Kant-Kink) white

  • 43-01274-0000 1 lb. spool