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Aspirating & Injecting Equipment

Aspirating & Injecting Equipment


Features an epoxy-finished case, easy to use controls and Teflon-coated valves and gaskets to protect against wear. The permanently oiled and sealed pump has only one moving part for long, trouble free service. The 2 speed ½ horse power motor will not require oiling for 20,000 hours or three years (after that, oil just once a year). The 3 gallon tank is made of non-staining glass. The Duotronic is guaranteed against defective materials and workmanship for one full year.

The Duotronic features a spring-loaded regulating valve; when the machine is set for the desired pressure, all of the fluid that the body will accept at this pressure goes to the body... any excess is by-passed into the tank. If the tank is empty, the pump spins harmlessly, without damage to the pump or machine and without pumping air. The controls assure a rate of flow perfectly adapted for every requirement.


Faucet InsetIs capable of maintaining a 26-inch vacuum at 60 pounds water pressure. A vacuum breaker is your safety guard against pollution of water systems. It contains no moving parts, springs, valves or gaskets to cause service trouble. Valve handle at the bottom is used to reverse the flow of water, diverting it through the hose for the trocar use or water service.


Many embalmers favor the Porti-Boy machines because of their ability to produce high pressure. Maximum injection pressure ranges from 0 to 80 psi depending on the model purchased.

Cabinet construction is aluminum casting with a white nylon finish inside and out. The fluid reservoir base is made of stainless steel and the tank is glass. All machines have an automatic shut off feature. Each is backed by a two year manufacturer's warranty.